Tough Warrior Princess on North Shore MA

Have you heard about Tough Warrior Princess?

Have You Heard? 10k for Tough Warrior Princess on North Shore of MA! Thanks to our clients, community partners, Tough Warrior Princess on the North Shore of MA, and Safeco Insurance, we had the pleasure of presenting our fellow Tough Warrior Princesses with a big check to put towards all of their efforts in helping families affected by cancer. We are committed to helping them grow in any way possible,…

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Happy 4th of July1

Happy 4th of July !!

For many people, nothing beats lounging in the backyard on the Fourth of July with good friends and family—including furry friends. While it may seem like a great idea to reward your pet with scraps from the grill and bring him along to watch fireworks, in reality some festive foods and activities can be potentially hazardous to him. Here are some tips for your furry friend on this holiday  Never…

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National Insurance Awareness Day (1)

National Insurance Awareness Day!

The best way to celebrate the auspicious Insurance Awareness Day is to get in and talk to your insurance agent to discuss all the various types of insurance that can protect you and your family. With car insurance it ensures that when your vehicle gets crumpled in a wreck, it can easily put you back on the road and able to get to work. Supplemental insurance makes sure that injuries are covered, and…

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North shore MA farmers markets

North Shore MA Farmers Markets Are Here in a Town Near You! Beverly, Peabody, Danvers, Salem, Andover, Swampscott, Newburyport!

Find Fresh Food on the North Shore MA Farmers Markets With This Guide Not only are we culturally rich, but did you know that Massachusetts has some of the finest, most nutrient-dense soil in the country? Go shop the North Shore MA farmers markets and taste the difference! The North Shore of Massachusetts is a special place. Family oriented and all about supporting local business, we are proud of where…

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Happy Father's Day! (1)

Happy Father’s Day!

Wishing all the fathers out there the happiest of days this Sunday “Walk a little slower, Daddy,” said a child so small. “I’m following in your footsteps and I don’t want to fall. Sometimes your steps are very fast, Sometimes they’re hard to see; So walk a little slower, Daddy, For you are leading me. Someday when I’m all grown up, You’re what I want to be; Then I will…

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Mama's miracle

Upcoming Event Monday NH: Mama’s Miracle

This Coming Monday: Mama’s Miracle Mama’s Miracle is for Yadira Fermin, who lived a healthy lifestyle all her life, very athletic and a runner until 5 years ago. Yadira has a lung disease which the doctors have no answer for and now she is on the donor list for a double lung transplant at Mass General Hospital. MGH recommended raising money to pay for the medical expenses that will not…

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Happy Flag Day123

Happy Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day!   Fun Fact: Celebrating Flag Day on June 14th has been a long and honorable tradition for most United States citizens. President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation in 1916 offering national recognition for “Old Glory.” Recognition of the American flag is a week long event culminating with Flag Day on June 14th.  

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tranquility (2)

Another Walk for an Amazing Cause

The North Shore Cancer Walk 2017 For those who have been treated by cancer, or who have supported a family member or loved one fighting cancer, the North Shore Cancer Walk is more than just steps that count up to miles.  It is a celebration of community, of caring, and of confidence in cures yet to come. On Sunday, June 25, 2017, mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, friends, co-workers, teachers and…

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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

In observance of Memorial Day, our office will close early at 3:00pm today, and will remain closed through the Memorial Day Holiday on Monday, May 29th. We will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday, May 30th. Should you have any servicing needs over the holiday, you may visit our website for information, or call 978-774-4338 for the emergency phone number.   Thank you to all who are serving and have served our country  for your sacrifice and dedication for…

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Honor Capital took us out to the ball game!

  There’s nothing like going to Fenway to watch the Red Sox play! This past Wednesday night Phil and Patti were gifted tickets to see the Boston Red Sox in action, we wanted to give a huge Thank-you to Honor Capital for such a great night!

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