Workers Compensation Insurance

Make Sure Your Employees are Protected on the Job.

Workers Compensation PaperworkAll employees in Massachusetts are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance covering their employees, including themselves, if they are an employee of their company. This requirement applies regardless of the number of hours worked in any given week, except for domestic service employees who must work a minimum of 16 hours per week in order to require coverage. As an independent agency, Phil Richard has strong relationships with a number of insurance companies offering Workers’ Compensation products, guaranteeing our customers the best pricing and the most comprehensive options. Our unique “pay as you go” payment model insures low and no cost payment terms to help you maintain cash flow and minimize premiums. If one of your employees is injured on the job, you can rely on the Workers’ Compensation coverage you’ve obtained through Phil Richard Insurance.

Workers Compensation Key Facts

  • Employers are required to notify their employees of the name of the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. A NOTICE TO EMPLOYEES poster must be positioned in a common area of the workplace.
  • Workers’ Compensation insurance is optional for members of LLC’s, partners of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), and partnerships or sole proprietors of an unincorporated business.
  • Employers must electronically file reports of work-related injury or illness with the Department of Industrial Accidents immediately or within the statutory time limits provided by law.

Frequently Asked Questions

What may happen if an employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance?
When does an injured employee become eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?
What happens after an employee reports a work-related injury or illness?

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