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Home Insurance

Phil Richard Home InsuranceAt Phil Richard Insurance we understand the responsibility associated with owning a home. Not only is your home your most valued asset, it is a roof over your family’s head, a place of growth, familiarity, and comfort. It is extremely important to protect your home, and the people who live inside it. Our agents will ensure your policy covers the structure of your home and the contents in it to the best potential with a comprehensive MA homeowner’s insurance policy. This MA home insurance policy will provide you with coverage in the event of disasters and accidents, it will also provide liability coverage and additional living expenses for your family. Just as homes and families vary, home insurance policies do too; our staff is fully trained in finding the best MA home insurance policy tailored to your every need.

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The definition of a home is constantly changing; what happens if you rent your home or own a condo or even a mobile home?

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