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Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella Boston in DanversOne of our goals at Phil Richard Insurance is to provide you with peace of mind. An easy and affordable way to achieve peace of mind is to purchase a personal umbrella; coverage extended past the usual limits for you, your family, and your assets. An umbrella policy provides you with extended liability coverage, not only up and above your current personal policies, but also over and out. Not only will you be covered at a higher limit, but you will be covered for a broader spectrum of incidents. Your personalized umbrella policy can continue liability coverage over your current personal auto, homeowner's, and watercraft policies. We recommend personal umbrella policies to all of our clients because when it comes to your family, you can never have too much protection. With this policy securely in place, you can rest assured that in the event of an emergency you will be covered to the best of our ability.

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